Finishing Even Though I’m Not Finished Yet

I’m excited. I’m completely thrilled, and I’ll tell you why. Last night I finished the 1st draft of a comic script. This isn’t the first script or story I’ve written. In the past couple of years I’ve done a few short stories as well as my latest fan comic, Kenobi. But this is the firstContinue reading “Finishing Even Though I’m Not Finished Yet”

The Tools I Use to Conquer The World

The title of this blog is obviously an exaggeration. I’m not really trying to conquer the World… I’m trying to destroy it! Bwahahahahahahaha! No really, all joking aside, it’s meant to capture your attention and if you’re reading this far, It’s accomplished it’s goal. Now, since we’ve established what this post is not about, let’sContinue reading “The Tools I Use to Conquer The World”