The Rebirth of Frank Rain

In 2010 I created a character and began to post pages from the book I was creating based on that character online as a webcomic. I posted for a month or two but decided to end the comic when I realized the story wasn’t there yet. It was yet another project I started but didn’t finish.

To be honest I hit myself hard about it for a long time. But now I realize starting and having the foresight to stop when I did was actually a good call. My ambition to write and draw my own books was there but the ability to do so, as far as writing is concerned, wasn’t. Simply put, I just wasn’t ready.

It wouldn’t be until years later, this year to be exact, that I wouldn’t write a story where I felt it was solid enough to start over. This new story is based on that character and book idea I tried to do in 2010.

So as promised, here is the book I am currently working on

Not too many people will know who the character is or even remember the online comic. But he’s been around for some time. I truly had fun working on this idea back in 2010 but I wasn’t confident or prepared enough to really go at it. I really hope this time around I can get to the finish line and share with you all what I’ve come up with.

A little about the character and story without giving too much away.

A lot has changed story wise from the 2010 version to the current story line. But a lot remains the same. For one, the character is hardly unchanged. The premise isn’t changed either. As a fan of Sci-Fi I really wanted to do a detective noir’ish book set in the future à la Blade Runner. And Frank Rain was/is the answer to that. Some story elements I have kept in place from the original and some new ones have been added. Fans of the 2010 webcomic will pick these things up when they finally get to read the book but hopefully, I hope it’s a book people will be able to enjoy.

In terms of movie ratings, this book would qualify for a PG-13 rating for action violence. There’s no graphic violence but there is action. So I believe most everyone out there, young and old, will eventually be able to pick up the book and read it without any worries.

And as far as what my plans are for publishing, well, as mentioned in my previous post, I have a publisher or 2 in mind to pitch the completed first issue to, but I’m not keeping my hopes up that they will pick the book up. So in case they don’t, I plan on going at it alone. It will cost money but we’ll cross that bridge when the time comes.

This is an exciting time for me. For years I’ve been trying to get the stories in my head out and share them with the world but for years I’ve felt I didn’t have the ability to do so. Something just kept blocking my path. I used to hit myself extremely hard for starting projects and never finishing them. I used to see myself as a failure for not doing so. Now, I have come to realize it was never about failing or finishing. It was a process I had to go through to find my way to this point in time. I had to learn my style of writing and working. I had to learn how to get the ideas in my head out on to paper. I’m not saying I’m this amazing writer. For all I know I can put this book out and everyone will call it trash. But how will I know if I don’t put it out?

My Daughter asked me about this. She asked how I would feel if after working on the book no one likes it. My answer was simple. As long as I am having fun working on it and doing my best to do a good job, that’s all that matters. Of course I want you all to love the book. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care. But in the end, if my writing stinks and this fails, at least I had fun getting to that point. And then, then it would be a matter of learning from my mistakes and trying my best not to repeat them.

So I hope you like the reveal and teaser image. Here’s hoping I get to the finish line soon enough.

Thanks for reading!

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