Finishing Even Though I’m Not Finished Yet

I’m excited. I’m completely thrilled, and I’ll tell you why.

Last night I finished the 1st draft of a comic script. This isn’t the first script or story I’ve written. In the past couple of years I’ve done a few short stories as well as my latest fan comic, Kenobi. But this is the first creator owned comic project I’ve managed to fully write from start to finish. And that’s exciting.

Today I woke up, inspired, and wrote 7 new pages for the script and made a few changes and additions to tighten up the story. I set out to do a single 32 page comic but after today, I’m counting 52 pages in total, putting the project into graphic novel territory. And those 52 pages are just an estimate. Meaning it can easily go into the 60 page range once I’m done with thumbnails for the book.

What I haven’t decided, and quite frankly it’s way too early to even think about this, is whether I’m going to be printing 2 single issues or going for a full on graphic novel. Printing 2 single issues is a bit easier and cost effective but I do like the idea of a single book with the entire story. But, I’ll decide that when the time comes.

Right now, I’m just excited to have made it this far into the process. As for the name of the project and any other details, well, I’ve decided that once I’ve completed the thumbnails for the entire book and I’m ready to go into the penciling/inking stage, I’ll make an official reveal of the title and book details.

Until then, thanks for reading. Looking forward to sharing this thing I’m cooking up with you all.

Published by Eric Merced


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